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New normal post Covid-19 times, it’s now more important than it’s ever been for companies to ensure that the workplace is as safe and hygienic as possible, both for employees and for members of the public. The government advice is to stay 2 meters apart is proving quite difficult in practice. To prevent the spread of the disease, now we can use various types of plastic protective screens manufactured from transparent acrylic sheet.

Acrylic sheet protect against corona virus?

As you probably know already, the corona virus is spread mainly through droplets in the air from sneezes and coughs. A sneeze screen positioned in front of a cash register or counter acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and protects cashiers, pharmacists and receptionists, among others. These shop counter screens help to separate uninfected people from those who may already have the disease & screen can cleaned with disinfect with frequent interval to stop the spread. Our standing transparent counter screens are designed with a cutout at the base so that pharmacists and other retailers can pass through a prescription or purchased product, for example.

Flexibility in plastic protective screens

a) We offer protective screen in custom sizes.

b) With pedestals included, you can install your new plastic shielding in no time.

c) We also offer a suspended screen for checkouts, particularly useful for supermarkets and other locations that don’t have room to stand a sneeze screen on the counter. It’s easy to hang these plastic screens from the ceiling using the two suspension holes

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